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Anne Shaffer

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology 

Clinical Program | Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Associate Dean of the Graduate School 

310 Herty Drive | Room 361 Brooks Hall | Athens, GA 30602

(706) 542-5982 |

Dr. Shaffer is trained as a developmental and clinical psychologist, and she mentors students in both disciplines and in the intersections of these fields. Her research currently focuses on studying family and close relationships as contexts for risk and protection in development. She approaches psychological research and practice from a developmental psychopathology perspective, which is informed by the simultaneous consideration of both competence and psychopathology and emphasizes developmental processes of risk and resilience in pathways to adaptation or maladaptation.



Graduate Students 



DLL headshot

 Dominique L. La Barrie

 Dominique is a fifth-year Behavioral and Brain Sciences student with a concentration in Developmental Science. Her interest are in how discrimination, intergenerational trauma, and parental stress impact child emotion regulation and internalizing problems. Her research also aims to highlight culturally relative mechanisms that serve as protective buffers in children (i.e., racial socialization, ethnic-racial identity) in Black and Latinx communities. In her free time,  Dominique enjoys catching up on her long list of movies to watch while knitting.



MCZ headshot

 Miriam Zegarac

 Miriam is a fifth-year Clinical Psychology student. Miriam’s research interests focus on determining factors that hinder or support families’ social, emotional, and physiological adaptations to stress. In particular, she is interested in understanding emotion-communication, emotion regulation, coping, and developmental transitions within family units (e.g., parenthood, adolescence). With her research, Miriam hopes to inform prevention science and public policy relevant to families facing economic and racial injustice. In her free time, Miriam enjoys hiking, watching movies, cooking, and sitting on her porch doing crossword puzzles.



TB headshot

 Taylor Brumbaugh

 Taylor is a third-year student in the Clinical Psychology program. She is involved in developing the REPS measure of parental emotion regulation which focuses on situations in which parents regulate their emotions during interactions with their children. Her research aims to understand parenting behaviors and child outcomes that can exacerbate or buffer the risk for maladaptation. She is specifically interested in processes of risk and resilience and their developmental pathways as a result of experiencing stress and adversity. In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending time outdoors, trying out new restaurants, and greeting every dog she sees. 



JT headshot


   Jenna Terry

Jenna is a third-year clinical psychology student interested in the research, development, and implementation of prevention and intervention measures for children and families. Through research, she would like to further understand the aspects of social contexts that influence a child's social and emotional development through their life course. She is particularly interested in how emotion socializers such as parents, grandparents, and peers influence outcomes of children with consideration for factors such as gender, racial and ethnic identity, socioeconomic status, and geographic location, as well as the bidirectional nature of these relationships. She is also interested in topics such as emotion regulation and emotion-specific response patterns.



Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Ansley Delaney

Lab Alumni

(includes primary advisees and co-advisees in clinical and developmental psychology)

  • Violeta J. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Hannah Rea, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Washington
  • Funlola Are, assistant professor, University of Texas Health Houston
  • Amber Madden, postdoctoral fellow, Brown University 
  • Laura Loucks, assistant professor of Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine
  • Courtney McCullough Liesener, Government Accountability Office
  • Rachel Zhou Han, assistant professor of Psychology, Beijing Normal University
  • Diana Morelen, assistant professor of Psychology, East Tennessee State University 
  • Claire Peterson, assistant professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Melissa Bright, assistant research scientist, University of Florida

Lab Alumni (Undergraduate Research Assistants)

  • Dominique Harry
  • Kaela Yamini
  • Irene Ivie
  • Jenna Dandan
  • Lacey Walker
  • Nikita Tallapally
  • Danielle Manning
  • Diana Rodriguez
  • Sol Moreno
  • Jordan Cole
  • Morgan Beckham
  • Ayanna Daniels
  • Rachel Sinclair
  • Hannah Wise
  • Neha Rafiq